Aqua unIQa STILL

Aqua unIQa STILL Impeccable taste - impeccable STILL It is a non-carbonated, low-sugar, juice still drink. Water, passes more than 10 stages of cleaning on the most modern equipment under the supervision of qualified professionals before it is on your table. The drink will be enjoyed by a wide audience and will not leave anyone indifferent. Presents the most popular flavors - lemon, peach, grapefruit and cranberry. Delicate fruit flavors are felt very light and unobtrusive. Rate the unique look of the product. The drink is available in bottles of 1.25 l
Aqua unIQa STILL Peach
Enjoy the pleasant taste of ripe peaches in the summer heat
The pleasant aroma of the drink will take you to the summer peach garden. This drink will restore your strength and leave a pleasant aftertaste. In China, which is considered the birthplace of peaches, these fruits were called "immortal." Today, a drink of these fruits is loved in almost all countries. This drink quenches thirst very well, which is extremely valuable in hot weather.
Aqua unIQa STILL Lemon
Water with lemon flavor is one of the most popular in Moldova, besides it is the hallmark of the Aqua unIQa trademark.
By itself, water with lemon has been praised by many popular nutritionists. In many cases, this drink is basic for those who seek to lose weight. But its most important plus is that it quenches thirst perfectly. Try the branded lemon flavor from aqua unIQa STILL that will not leave any chance of heat.
Aqua unIQa STILL Cranberry
Aqua unIQa STILL with cranberry flavor is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the pleasant taste of the berry, which unfortunately does not grow in Moldova
All over the world, cranberries are recognized as the most useful berries in the world. Cranberries have a lot of B vitamins, potassium, iodine and magnesium, you can’t doubt its usefulness. Perhaps that is why the cranberries have long been considered medicinal berries. The Latin name for cranberry comes from the Greek words “oxis” - sour and “coccus” - spherical, that is, literally - “sour ball”. Firstly, cranberries have an antipyretic effect, secondly, they quench their thirst remarkably, and thirdly, they remove toxins from the body, which accumulate in abundance during colds. But the most important of all these advantages is its unique pleasant taste.
Aqua unIQa STILL Grapefruit
Invigorating and light drink with the finest notes of grapefruit. Refreshing and leads to tone in the summer heat.
Water with a taste of grapefruit perfectly quenches thirst and dulls the feeling of hunger. Grapefruit is part of the most popular detox drinks. Grapefruit removes toxins from the body and helps burn fat - how do we love him for it. Also note that the product is low in calories and speeds up the metabolism.